Tips For a Quick Kitchen Makeover!

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Giving your kitchen a new look doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are a few quick tips for a budget-friendly makeover

Update Your Lighting
Try adding new industrial style pendants and maybe some can lights to your kitchen. You can also put dimmers on every light switch to enhance your lighting options. Industrial lighting makes a trendy statement especially when contrasted with granite and traditional style cabinetry. Exclusive designer tip, opt for oversized lighting….scale is important.

Handsome Hardware
Knobs and pulls are kitchen jewelry that can dress up cabinets. Note that cabinet hardware can get very expensive, some costing $30 and up for a single ornate knob. However, you’ll get a huge bang for a few bucks by buying 10-packs of simple, contemporary hardware at big box stores for less than $20 (that’s $2/knob).

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Bar Service
Bar stools added to a kitchen island can create a casual spot for savoring a quick bite! Make sure to purchase the correct size, they come in either bar or counter height. If you already have stools, recover the seats in a fun fabric to add a little pizazz. Natural hide or embossed leather are unique ways to make a bold statement.

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There are many things you can do to give your space a new feel, of course if you’re feeling stuck, we’d love to help you take your kitchen to the next level.
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