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It starts with a space. With every project, I offer clients a personalized space planning consultation. This entails creating a furniture and accessory layout that is stylish and suitable for the room’s purpose.

The design process starts in your home. Our initial meeting is a time to share ideas and gather a vision. As the design process kicks into gear, your concept takes shape. This is where we listen and get a feel for your hopes and dreams. With careful planning and creativity, we then formulate a style concept — that’s a look that suits your taste.

3D Video on Space Planning

Ever wonder why furniture in some areas of your home looks awkward and out of place? Or why that new bedroom room set you just purchased seems to overpower and dwarf your room? The answer is likely a lack of space planning.

Space planning means creating a furniture layout conscious of design and spacial requirements. It’s where orientation meets style, and where your space fits your life.

We can save you time, frustration and the expense of purchasing items for your home that simply do not fit. As interior designers, we learn about you and your needs during the creative process, and that results in a functional, aesthetically pleasing space.


Finish & Furnishings

Furniture and accessories are key in creating the style and ambiance of a room. Looking to change these specific elements in a room? Chances are you already have a color and concept scheme in place. R. Designs can offer advice and expertise in upholstered and case-good construction, silhouette and scale and finishes like wood, metals, tile, and glass. Our skill results in coordination of colors and patterns, taking the overall theme to a new level. Let R. Designs bring inspiration to your door with unique area rugs, custom designed lighting and one-of-a-kind artwork procured from craftsmen all over the world.

Start your new room design now.


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